You, me, and the person who sits next to us in the bus.

As I write this blog post, I risk being charged with ‘witness of crime and not doing anything to stop it. If such a charge really exists that is. But I really doubt I’d be found guilty, at least not in a Kenyan Court where nowadays everyone is acquitted for lack of evidence. And I am not at all hinting. 🙂 Well, today I had quite many errands to run in the big city. Seeing that I live in Timbuktu (someone insists that I live in Timbuktu so I am starting to believe it, a bit. 🙂 . Utter hyperbole … Continue reading You, me, and the person who sits next to us in the bus.

I so feel that blog post!!

Just the other day I narrowly missed out on a job that involved instructing on how to write good blogs. Well,I’m not sure narrowly is the right word to use but anyway, I think the odds were just against me. Or how would you explain me doing everything I could to schedule an interview and all my attempts proving futile? And when I finally succeeded in getting the software I needed for my interview, I still could not get to be interviewed because i lacked a certain micro piece of hardware(read mic). Anyway, I think that job was not meant … Continue reading I so feel that blog post!!

“Quit asking and trust”

You ask why bad things happen to good people..; to make them stronger in faith,or maybe simply, because it is God’s will..,but wait, what defines good people.? Some would say good people always stop to consider if their actions will please God before undertaking anything<From a Christian point of view>. Most of us think ourselves good..but if we took time to think of our faults and carefully examine our conscience, we may discover ourselves proud. I do not wish to judge,afterall, don’t we all have good deeds in our records,bringing joy to other people’s lives,the attention to detail and diligence … Continue reading “Quit asking and trust”

Just in case you’ll breathe your last tonight”

So the world was meant to end on May 21st at 6pm. I’m listening to 9pm news as the anchors slyly report that it was all a hoax. I’m blogging, so at least I’m alive… and so are my other friends on facebook and twitter, who, as soon as the clock read 6pm, did not waste a chance to declare they’re still breathing and they’ve not heard any trumpets or earthquakes as had been prophesied. I’m glad that we’re all alive and well. The past few days I have found great humour in reading people’s posts about the end of … Continue reading Just in case you’ll breathe your last tonight”