“So, what steals your precious time?”

Note to reader: This post is not about proverbs, just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a blog by the first paragraph 🙂 (hehe, self made comparison.) Procrastination is the thief of time, right? True, at least the wise men said so. And we know that time is one of the most precious commodities, right? So why would we let anyone (read anything-i.e procrastination) steal our time? Proverbs may not always be true but well, they’re always right_ I have a feeling that it’s the reverse that is right.., or true. Wait, is there … Continue reading “So, what steals your precious time?”

“Don’t hate the players, hate the game”

So today someone put me on the spot for having a Facebook account. If this was,say, two years ago, I’d have had more reason to defend myself; those days when I was an ardent Facebooker. Now my account is very dormant but I still defended myself anyway..,mainly because the person who asked had a very negative opinion about facebook (blame the negative publicity of social networks by the media). I needed to put across the ‘don’t hate the players, hate the game’ slogan . So the questions came; “Are you on Facebook?”: Yes. “So you can meet and chat up … Continue reading “Don’t hate the players, hate the game”

Be pleasant, be kind, be nice.

Having recently watched the nominees for the top judiciary posts get interviewed publicly, I can’t help but think of how much we need to uphold integrity. It doesn’t really matter at what point of our career we may be, our actions will follow us wherever we go. If the current trend of public interviews for top jobs Is anything to go by, we ought to be extra careful of our actions if we are set on reaching our goals. A few misdeeds may be the hindrance to achieving our greatest potential. I believe we have all been or will be … Continue reading Be pleasant, be kind, be nice.

Deserved rest

Eight months ago I enrolled for Bachelor of Home Management at a college in my compound. 😀 I have been studying there for the past eight months, and still counting. Some people doubt this claim so I’m not surprised when they ask if I’ve not gotten tired of staying home. They feel I’ve been holidaying for eight months, which is far too much time to be idle. In retrospect, the last time I holidayed for more than half a year was when I was three. But then that wouldn’t quite be referred to as a holiday because I had no option … Continue reading Deserved rest

“Rectitude of Intention.”

So why do you work? Whether it is work-paid employment at a job or work-the physical or mental effort directed at doing or making something, we all have a duty to work well at it. There are many positive things that a keen person would find about work. Besides helping us gain a sense of maturity, work helps us attain virtues like responsibility, perseverance, patience etc. Work well done is also a means to Holiness. Well, enough about work theories for now. I’d want to continue but I do not feel experienced enough to address that topic. Though I’ve been … Continue reading “Rectitude of Intention.”

“Till Google burst my bubble”

.Memory chip for the human brain. Special note to reader: I am not sure if such a device exists or if my idea is even near plausible. In case someone has already invented it, please forgive my rants about my ‘idea’ and be kind enough to refer me to where I can get this important memory chip. If no one has been able to come up with such a chip, then I give you the go ahead to begin research and efforts to design it. One final thing; I would like to retain copyright on this idea. 🙂 (This would … Continue reading “Till Google burst my bubble”