“We all have gifts, only, some open theirs sooner.”

Well, yesterday I nearly got late for my morning class. In essence, I was late by about five minutes but since the lecturer and quite a good number of students weren’t in by then, I considered myself ‘early enough’. I’m not one to intentionally get late especially for class but yesterday was one of those apprehensive mornings. I woke up at the time I’d usually be leaving the house which meant I’d have to rush and consequently be out of breath by the time I got to class. Totally not my idea of a beautiful morning but thankfully everything else … Continue reading “We all have gifts, only, some open theirs sooner.”

“…Of birthdays and uniqueness.”

You must have heard people say that age is just but a number. Well then, if age is just number then a birthday is just a day, right? So what’s all the fuss about birthdays anyway? *shrugs shoulders*. I don’t know_ that’s why I still fuss about mine I guess.:-) Many people believe that birthdays are overrated and though I don’t totally agree with them, I think I understand their point of view. After all, it’s a day like any other. Other children get born and many others die, :-(. Many other people share a birthday with you so it’s … Continue reading “…Of birthdays and uniqueness.”

“Only successful candidates will be contacted”

“Only successful candidates will be contacted” You may have come across that phrase as you flipped through pages of newspapers or magazines or maybe it was one of the ‘requirements’ (for lack of a better term to use) of a job opportunity you sought or a competition you wanted to get into. I’ve seen that phrase before, and I bet you too. I find that ‘Only successful candidates will be contacted’  phrase particularly disturbing though. Most times it is usually followed by others like “The judges’ decision is final” or “Do not call!” etc. Don’t you feel that people are … Continue reading “Only successful candidates will be contacted”