“Counting chicks before they hatch”

Today marks my second weekend in Rome; if the old adage ‘when you go to Rome do as the Romans’ is anything to go by. Yes, Rome; and before you question, allow me to explain why I call this small village in the middle of somewhere ‘Rome’. My understanding of the saying above is that it involves watching and learning how people in a new place act and picking up what you can in an effort to adapt. I’ve been in a new environment for the past week so by all means, this is ‘Rome’ for me. I should have … Continue reading “Counting chicks before they hatch”

“…Because We Can!”

You know those days you wake up really late because you spent eight hours on the road the previous day to attend a wedding that was on your to-do list since you got wind of it? Ok, maybe you don’t but today has been one of those days for me. Then there’s the refreshing feeling that comes with having had a good night’s rest and you feel rejuvenated. You have so much energy and it feels like there’s something you’ve got to do. Then it hits you that you’d focused so much on the wedding (it went well btw) that … Continue reading “…Because We Can!”