“Thanks to writing…”

It’s amazing how many times we outdo ourselves. Even after living with ourselves all these years, there’re still things we continually discover about our personalities or traits. I’m not about to talk about the many times I surprise myself but I take pride in knowing they exist. I think it’s some symbol of growth and development of mind and soul (not body, for obvious reasons :-)) So I’ve been meaning to blog for quite a while now (you must have heard me say this) but thanks to school, I’ve had to prioritize on a few other issues. In all the … Continue reading “Thanks to writing…”

“What’s your craze?”

They say ‘never say never’. I agree. If you saw me a few hours ago on the passenger seat of a motorcycle headed home at jet speed then you’d totally agree with me. Racing down the road in the lighted night, holding a bag of supper in one hand and using my right hand to hold the support bar on the back. The gentle breeze and it’s effect on my hair and the sly grin when we occasionally give cars a run for their money is an experience worth a mention. Before you give me ‘the look’, think of Angelina … Continue reading “What’s your craze?”