“Judge me not, Oh Trendsetter “

My Sunday begins half an hour later than other days. It’s a few minutes of extra slumber but it means the world to me. I go to sleep hoping that I’ll get to see the face of my prince before dawn… before the sun cuts through the blinds in my room. I hope that I’ll get to taste the crisps I see at the supermarket every Sunday before I am awakened by the realities of day. Every day, my dreams get cut short. Sometimes it’s by the shout of mother waking the household while other times it is the moo-ing … Continue reading “Judge me not, Oh Trendsetter “

“Heads or tails..?”

I have a bone to pick with my  brain for getting me blogging ideas at all the wrong times. That’s part of the reason why my posts have been so widely spaced. The other part must be the ‘fate thingy’- where I’m blogging now because it’s meant to happen now not earlier. (Though I’m not sure I totally believe in fate). Of the former, it hasn’t helped much that I’ve been getting all these ideas before I fall asleep. As a brain (very advanced), it should know that I am very particular about bedtime and getting ideas at that time … Continue reading “Heads or tails..?”