“That first step…a dream come true”

It had only been a year but to her it felt like forever. It felt like the only thing she had looked forward to since her birth was that first step. While her parents fought over which words she would utter first, all she had on her mind was her first step. “Da-da” or “Ma-ma” could come later. She didn’t quite know which of her parents would take the cup on the day she would speak her first words but she wanted it to be different from the norm. She didn’t know which of the two most important words would … Continue reading “That first step…a dream come true”

“On the run (2)”

Continued from “On the run” The waiter served Lowry’s coffee even before he got to the table. He’d worked there long enough to guess who Turi had been waiting for and had brought coffee as soon as he saw Lowry at the door. Though he had dreams beyond this Coffee Palace, he really enjoyed serving these two. He knew their story and he had the fairy tale idea of being that faithful servant that inherited the kingdom when there wasn’t an eligible heir to the throne on the king and queen’s death. He’d once mentioned that dream to Turi and … Continue reading “On the run (2)”