“For the little girl’s sake”

I wasn’t sure how wise the decision to choose that seat was until the little girl’s mother sat next to me. I wasn’t sure that the baby by the mother’s chest was a girl but I concluded that it was a good guess. It was easy to think that way, considering that she was covered in beautiful pink and white shawls. I tried raising my head a bit so that I could peep through the shawls and see her face but the mother was way taller than me so I restrained myself. I didn’t give up though. Curiosity kept me … Continue reading “For the little girl’s sake”

“On the run (3)”

Continued from “On the run (2)” Had Turi died that night, I would’ve blamed it on her thoughts. Even she had thought enough times that the constant thinking would be the end of her. Her brain was always at work. She was always thinking about her life, the people around her and as part of her job description, she had to constantly come up with solutions for the smooth running of her organization. It was not different that night, and one would not need to be told what was on her mind as she stood outside Lowry’s hospital ward. Though … Continue reading “On the run (3)”