“I’m not just a pawn”

“The past is found in the captured pieces, or if available, the score sheet or the player’s memory, the present is the position before you, and the future is in your head not your hands”- Michael Angello Purcell “It’s hard to tell what defines this game more; The tension between the players, The tranquility, Or better yet, the apprehension amongst the opposing pieces. What’s important though, is that the board is set and everyone’s ready. All that’s left is to ace the game. The start. I’ve done this many times before, but it seems all new to me each time. … Continue reading “I’m not just a pawn”

“The Beauty of that moment”

Cassie gently bent her head backwards. It was as if her head was in the way of the wind and it was determined to blow away the obstruction. For a moment it felt like she had let go to the wind and it was carrying her away. The wind was gentle and it was right to call it a breeze by virtue of the fact that it was refreshing. Though it wasn’t the kind of wind that drew attention, it was strong enough to make its presence felt by anyone in its way. Besides, it brought with it an aura … Continue reading “The Beauty of that moment”