“Face Value”

Trust. A simple word it would appear, till you try to define it. Not that you cannot get the right words to, but the nature of its diversity would get you mixed up. A change in tense and you have a totally different thing. “I’ll trust you” expresses confidence, belief in someone. “I trust you” brings reassurance to whoever it is directed to. “I trusted you”-nothing expresses disappointment as strong as this. The problem, however, starts with “Trust me”. All of us have fallen to this line at some point in our lives. We use it to get favours, to … Continue reading “Face Value”

“Let’s find new paths”

  The paths must loathe daytimes. Everyone walking on them is lost in the business of their days. No one cares to stop and appreciate nature or weed out the little plants struggling to grow in between the cement slabs. At least the scorching sun tries to wither the plants or dry the leaves that aimlessly fall on the paths. The wind even blows them away from the paths to the grass where they can decompose and continue the cycle of life. At least the sun and wind care during the day, just as humans do in the night These … Continue reading “Let’s find new paths”