“Don’t let it flow!”

It’s one of those chilly afternoons in July. The sun did not grace the earth with its shine today and the cloudy skies have not done much to improve the sombre mood. The mood is contagious I must say and the dull faces, melancholic smiles and strained walks of passersby are enough evidence. For the half hour or so that I’ve stood by the window to try and appreciate nature, I haven’t spotted a single yellow or orange and I begin to wonder if the shops don’t stock bright coloured clothing any more. I’m in dire need to raise my … Continue reading “Don’t let it flow!”

“The hope they came with”

Sunset meant many things to different people. Some saw in it beauty and magnificence, while for others, it was a daily event that felt different each time it happened. Had time not been the scarce resource that it was, many would have been found to bask in the evening sun and watch the sun sink below the horizon. But with the busy schedules that were the order of days, most people were left to nurse a longing to enjoy the sunset. For most people, sunset brought with it hope; hope for many things. It came with hope for a better … Continue reading “The hope they came with”