“…That I may grow old by your side”

Pete was a chain-smoker. It was not something he was proud of and he had tried to quit the undesirable habit for years on end without success. Pete started smoking as a teenager, way before he met his wife, Marie. His father smoked and though he was well aware of the negative effects of tobacco, he still bowed in to pressure from his peers to take his first puff. His friends knew that his father was a smoker so they urged him on… giving him the ‘like father like son’ idea and making him believe it wouldn’t harm much if … Continue reading “…That I may grow old by your side”


He was a nice guy; kindhearted and very friendly. He was always smiling and for a guy his laugh was adorable. He had a likeable personality and though his neighbours didn’t know much about him, they considered him a good man. Everyone called him Ben, at least that’s what he told them. It wasn’t really a lie, he just felt that the Benedetto name on his ID was a bit too long for acquaintances. Ben was also easier on the tongue for his friends from work so it stuck. Though he didn’t have too many friends, he was very loyal … Continue reading Benedetto.