“The package”

(This piece was written months ago and the idea was to be an epilogue of On The Run or The Beauty of That Moment.) Cassie’s everyday routine of locking up every morning was distracted by the beautifully wrapped package that was in a basket on her doorstep. It was a small package about the size of an A4 book that was wrapped in her favourite brand of wrapping paper. Picking it up, she grinned as she racked her brains in an attempt to guess who had been so thoughtful. She rarely received parcels at home since very few people knew … Continue reading “The package”

” Story of hope and recovered phones”

Slightly over a week ago I lost my phone in a public service vehicle. Now, losing phones in the city is not worth a story but being able to recover the phone over a week later is. I’m still in my celebration and appreciation phase and a few times I have to convince myself to believe it actually happened because every time I tell the story it feels unreal. And to save myself from having to retell the story and occasionally questioning my sanity, I have decided to tell it here, so that I’ll just give a link to those … Continue reading ” Story of hope and recovered phones”