“Thank you!”

I am growing old.*Cough* Well, I know we all are but I mean in the sense that old age is catching up with me really fast; something like that. Let’s just say I’m having situations or issues associated with older people. Like having a mouth full of wisdom teeth and keeping away from matatus that have loud music. Recently I attended a family wedding where I was the eldest… well, eldest cousin, but that still counts, right? Yeah , I thought so too 😛 So let’s all agree with me so that I stop defending myself. Besides, being a lot … Continue reading “Thank you!”

“Just the chick in the pink”

  If you’ve never had to struggle with a raging bull furiously charging at you and you only have so much ground to run away from it then you should know someone who has. Or at least you have watched a movie where it has happened or you have dreamt about it happening to you. If none of the above has happened to you then I’m not sure you have identified with your roots long enough. By roots, I mean the countryside and I’m hoping we all have a place in the countryside that we get to visit every so … Continue reading “Just the chick in the pink”