“Just like the sun”


I love the beauty of sunrise. I love how the different shades of orange and yellow look in the horizon as the sun sets or rises. I love the fulfillment that basking in the midday sun brings me. I know the heat will drain me but I still linger on. I very well know that it’s not the vitamin D that I’m after; if it was, I’d have sat in the sun a little earlier. I know it will affect my skin and my eyesight for a while but the feeling of the sun’s rays on my skin is worth it peeling, just for a while though. This fulfillment; it’s not like the fulfillment I get as I chew away bits of my favourite bar of chocolate. Gazing at the sun doesn’t bring a sweet taste to my mouth nor does it satisfy my stomach. Marveling at the beauty that is the sun, its heat and brightness and the feel as it fondles my skin brings a different kind of satisfaction.

The sun makes hearts dance to a new song at daybreak and though the music has to end at dawn, it doesn’t stop dreamers from chasing after their dreams. Waking up is a little harder sometimes but if the sun’s rays find you in bed, they either make it harder or get you out. It’s amazing what the sun can do; that even after the rains the crops will still need a period of sun before the harvest. Even more impressive is that the sun’s energy is renewable; that I ought not to be afraid of basking too much now lest there’s no heat to enjoy tomorrow. I can rest assured that the next time the sun rises, it will be as beautiful and hot and bright as ever. Sadly, the sun has to set every evening so that the men get to take their catch of the day to the huts without having to fight with the lady of the house about who is brighter or hotter; and so that supper can be made. In the night, in the absence of the sun, the men of the house get to have their presence felt. In the night, the absence of the sun only makes sense because absence makes hearts in the hut grow fonder.

The lady of the house; she can only liken him to the sun. The joy he brings to hearts around him is not a feeling words can describe.  But he’s like that sun we see in the horizon; so close yet so far away. She wants to think of him as the rising sun, because she met him at a point when she thought it important to tread on new paths. Just like the sun symbolizes the start of a new day, he would become part of her new beginnings.

Maybe she sees him and thinks of the sun, because he is beautiful and hot and his complexion is so light that they call him yellow. Maybe she does not like him; he just reminds her of the sun and brings her joy like it does. Or maybe she likes the sun because of him; because he brightens up her life like the sun does. But no, the sun came first; she loved the sun first so he will have to play second fiddle this once; just this once. So when you see her looking expectantly unto the skies on a cloudy day, know that it’s the sun that she’s looking for, because for her, the sun is more than just the heat; it’s about the light that his lightness brings. She longs for that brightness that is the sun because it’s a constant reminder of him as he labours in the fields for the household. And if you see her searching for the sun amidst the clouds in the sky, don’t stop her because when she sees the sun, she’ll have seen him.  And truth be told, he really is just like the sun.


6 thoughts on ““Just like the sun”

  1. Dropped here via wamathai.com and I must I’m not dissappointed. Beautiful piece up there, and clearly, my bookmark list has to stretch given the wonderful blog you have. `Meanwhile,I’m off to catch up on previous pieces!


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