Giveaway Winners Announced – Lunch / Dinner for 2 at Safari Restaurant


We’ve got Winners!!

My most recent post, the  Amazing Giveaway – Lunch/Dinner for two at Safari Restaurant   was a chance for 2 readers to experience the Safari Restaurant at Nairobi Safari club hotel with their plus ones.

Each comment I  approved left me with a new favorite almost each time, and I definitely wasn’t the best person to decide (Because I’d have given you all vouchers for Dinner with your loved ones 😄).

So I got the 3 judges (a hotelier and 2 foodies)  together in a group and then left them to discuss in my absence. And they discussed  even the smallest details and settled on 2 winners! And I just got the names a short while ago!

Aaand I’d like to pass my most sincere appreciation to all of you who read and shared and even participated in this Giveaway. And those who told their friends about it,  and even subscribed so we’re in this together! 😄
And for all participants – Thank you for the time and the effort, and for sharing more great places we can all go to!  Sharing is caring!

Thanks Guys!

And the 2 lunch / dinner vouchers for 2 go to…. 😃 😃



Congratulations Samuel and Nzisa! The judges chose You, and you had shared the posts, so you each win Lunch / Dinner voucher for  2!
Call up your plus one’s and set a date already!

*Vouchers are Valid for 3 months starting July.

*The judges decision is final and cannot be appealed.

* Terms and Conditions apply.

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