Sweet and sour chicken – this heart-breaking story will shock you! :-D

I have an inexplicable and insatiable love for sweet and spicy chicken. 😛

I have a sweet tooth, and I love chicken, and the blend of these two is so good, I almost get emotional, just thinking about it. ALMOST. Here’s the back story:

Early this year, around the time of Lent, I discovered a cafeteria that sold the best sweet and sour chicken I had had at the time. See, I have always loved chicken, and it is often my go to meat, but when I had that chicken at that cafeteria, I felt like all my years of eating chicken could not have prepared me for this. It was so so good – I cannot even find a befitting metaphor.

Problem was, they only sold it on Friday, and I was trying to maintain my Lenten fast from meat. So I promised myself that as soon as lent was over, I would have that chicken every Friday until I didn’t want it anymore (and as much as my pocket could allow). And so I waited, and waited, and waited some more. And every Friday, I’d sit in the Kitchen facing the window, thinking about the chicken that I could have, but shouldn’t have and that I eventually did not have. Okay, maybe a bit of hyperbole, but I really did think about that chicken more than is healthy.

I couldn’t wait for Friday after the end of Lent. I had my money ready, a healthy appetite to boot, and I must have had very little for breakfast because I was generally quite hungry that day. When everyone else ordered food from wherever, I waited for lunchbreak so that my dream chicken and I could finally be together again. Sigh . 🙂

Then, the WORST happened.

When I walked to the cafeteria that lunch time, it was emptier than I had ever seen it. At first, I thought that I was probably early, and that the food had not been brought yet. But that was fine, I had been waiting for weeks, a few more minutes wouldn’t hurt.

Then, after scanning around, I realized that the tables hadn’t been set; there was no linen, or cutlery or nothing. There was no one to ask, either.  The kitchen looked empty and deserted, like someone taken off in a hurry, and there were no signs that my chicken would be there soon.  I walked back, asked around, and my deepest fear that day was confirmed.

Yes, the cafeteria closed that day. 😦

My heart sank. I would say that I felt a sharp pain in my chest, like my heart was shattered into a thousand pieces, and that tears welled up in my eyes, but that would be hyperbole, and I really do not cry, much. But I remember I felt weak, and I almost needed to hold on to the rail as I walked down the stairs – but that was probably because I was really hungry.

Friends – you do not ever want to have that happen to you. It’s like heartbreak, but of the stomach. 😀

Here’s the thing – I had waited weeks for that chicken. They had ALL of Lent to change management of the cafeteria, but they didn’t. Heck, they would even have shut the place down BEFORE I discovered the chicken, but NO – they waited for when it would hurt most. Then, they struck.

And, there was not even a sign there would be change of management. Actually, I had ordered for a chapati earlier and the person I ordered from did not even come pick the cash. One day they were there, the next they were gone. That chicken meal was a treat by a friend, but it was so good, it covers all future treats so she can rest easy!

I do not know what happened, and I know that there was probably not much they could do (but give me their new address maybe?)

But if one of them ever reads this someday, I hope they know that their chicken meant something to someone. And that I still have that 30 bob, for that chapati, and I can maybe pay it back with interest, if they can let me have some of that chicken. 😉

I do not even want the recipe (okay, maybe I do) –

I just want that chicken; as good as I remember it.

PS: None of the photos in this post are of that chicken.


So, the point of this post was to review some cool chicken wings places that I have loved, but I clearly got carried away, and I hope to do so in the next post. Oh, and FYI, I may be talking about chicken for the next few posts, so at least now you can understand why. Yes? And the title – Well, this chicken love has honestly shocked me too.

Meanwhile, if you love sweet and Spicy chicken wings, nearly as, much as I do (from my story), be sure to check out the following places:

Koreana Chicken at Garden City Mall – Just go and order the sweet and spicy chicken and you can thank me later. Actually, just thank me now because, that chicken might make you forget! So GOOD!

chicken 2

Valley Coffee and Shake at Yala Towers on 3rd floor, Koinange Street – The Barbecue chicken wings and Spicy chicken wings. And they have the best Smoothies and Milkshakes ever! Yes, I said it! Actually, ask for a special blend of strawberry and blueberry (not in the menu) and you can thank my friends and I. Some people say it tastes like heaven in a cup. YEAH! That good!

Photo by @briankimani of Getaway Planet KE.
Photo by @briankimani of Getaway Planet KE.

KFC chicken – You may like the usual KFC chicken, but have you tried their Sticky Wings? They are dunked in honey and ginger soy sauce, are generally not attractive looking (honestly) but they are better than your ordinary KFC chicken! They cost and arm and a leg too(Okay, sh 410 for just 4 pieces), but they are totally worth it.

Feel free to share your chicken story (or other food story); this is a safe place. 🙂

Also –  please let me know about places with amazing Sweet and Spicy chicken that I should try. I have frequented my favorites so much, I think they need a break from me for a while.

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