Sweet and Spicy Chicken at Koreana Chicken, Garden City Mall

chicken 2

Friends, have you ever had chicken SO SO Good – it made you wonder why anyone would make chicken any other way? Man – Koreana Sweet Spicy Chicken is THAT chicken!

On the day we discovered Koreana Chicken, the plan was to grab a bucket of KFC chicken at Garden City and watch the sun go down. Before we could decide what else to order, I heard the wait staff at Koreana Chicken (right adjacent to KFC) describe their Sweet Spicy Chicken – which understandably was one of their best sellers.

The chicken being described was the chicken of my dreams (seriously, doh!), and so of course I inched closer. I let her explain how the chicken was made, and how it was served dripping with honey and nut toppings, but her enthusiasm only continued to build a case which she had already won! :-D. I didn’t even need to peek at another customer’s order to be sure – Koreana chicken had me at Sweet and Spicy!

We did buy the KFC bucket for the rest of our fam, but if you read this post and this one, you can bet I did not want anything to do with spicy chicken that was not dripping with honey. And, the bucket meant more Koreana Sweet Spicy chicken for those of us who had inexplicable love for that kind of chicken ;-). Win – win!

Koreana, as I later came to learn, is owned by Safari Park Hotel and is renowned for amazing Korean style chicken. And apparently (thank you Google), Korean style chicken is fried twice (unlike American Chicken) which makes the skin crunchier and less greasy. I’m not sure how much difference that makes, but I know that that chicken really is finger licking good! So well-seasoned and full of flavour! 😀

Koreana chicken

Here’s the thing!

I have never been the kind that jumps at the idea of hot, spicy food. When no one is looking, I even take out all the pepper rings I see in my samosas and pizzas (:-P). I have friends who chew on green or red pepper or use spicy salsa with such grace, and part of me doesn’t understand how their tongues numb the burning sensation! Yo, what’s the secret, guys?

I eat the Sweet Spicy chicken at Koreana with such grace and poise; you would think there was no spice. Far from it – the options for the spicy chicken are Mild, Hot, or very Hot, which in my opinion implies their mastery of spice. If you commit, you commit. There aren’t any visible pepper rings to take out, but the chicken is so good, you will commit.


I don’t know if chicken is your go to, but that spicy chicken dunked in honey is a perfect blend of honey and spice and everything nice! If you’re a pepper evader like I am, have your favorite ice cold drink by your side for when you need to cool things down.

PRO TIP: Buy Koreana’s Sweet Spicy chicken and down it with KFC’s Very Berry Krusher. The Very Berry Krusher is made from berries and it is sweet, ice cold and melts in your mouth.

If Sweet Spicy isn’t your thing, you can try the crispy wings, soy garlic wings, honey garlic wings or any of the other varieties. I haven’t tried the rest of the chicken, but that’s because I haven’t had enough of the ‘Sweet Spicy, and with this love going on, that might be a while.

There’s an offer on Fridays, where you can get 3 pieces of Sweet Spicy chicken, regular chips and 500ml soda for sh. 500.


KFC Sticky chicken – The chicken is dunked in honey and ginger, and in my opinion, is far much better than the rest of the chicken! I have a soft spot for honey and I could be biased, but sticky chicken wings have made me love KFC chicken. Must be the honey and ginger! The wings cost sh. 410 for 4 pieces (about double for 8 pieces).

Away from the chicken, how good are KFC Krushers?!! I’ve tried the Oreo and the Kitkat Krushers and despite my love for Kitkat and Oreos, the Very Berry (strawberry) Krusher is my absolute favourite! The blend is so much smoother and better and more refreshing!


Fact Sheet

Location: Koreana Chicken is at Garden City Mall, on Thika Road. It is on the Ground floor, facing the food court, right next to KFC.

Prices: Same range as KFC. Regular chips cost sh 220, and you can have them seasoned with cheese or onion taste. Happy Plus – 2 pieces crispy chicken, regular chips and 350ml soda for sh. 390

Sweet Spicy Chicken – 1 piece for sh. 220, 3 pieces for sh. 590, 6 pieces for sh. 990 (enough for 2-3, pieces are large). A 12-piecer costs sh. 1890 and it’s enough for 4 or more hungry chicken lovers.

Note, the servings are big chicken pieces, not chicken wings, so there’s generally a lot of chicken per serving.


Friday combos   -3 pieces of Sweet Spicy chicken, regular chips and 500ml soda for sh. 500

-3 pieces of Honey Garlic chicken, regular chips and 500ml soda for sh. 500 or

-3 pieces of Soy Garlic chicken and regular chips and 500ml soda for sh. 500

Smart Choice – 9 pieces of chicken, large chips and 2 litres soda at sh. 1590

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