The Sundowner Dhow Cruise at Moorings Floating Restaurant in Mtwapa, Mombasa 

The Sundowner Dhow Cruise 

The Dhow at the Moorings Floating Restaurant in Mtwapa felt a bit like a living room,  with the backdrop of the ocean. There was soft music playing in the background, and the sitting space was filled with cozy couches and cushions decked in Leso. The ambiance wass serene, the ocean waters at the creek were still, and the dhow rocked gently to the beat of the wind as sunset approached. 

Trays of bitings were set on the tables before us, and we helped ourselves as soon as the sundowner cruise began..There were fish fingers, chicken wings and coconut bitings and the Madafu welcome drink was refreshing to a fault. 

About halfway through the cruise, the sun began to set slowly and beautifully  over the ocean, with the dhow rocking gently to the soft music playing in the background. The sky turned to lovely shades of orange, and the sun would peek through palm trees in the distance on its way down. 

We sat and watched the magic happen, clicking away from time to time, in a bid to save that beauty for later. It was warm and magical and the views left us feeling some type of way. We wanted that moment to last forever, but the sun set, like it does every evening, and a blanket of darkness covered the earth. 

We got back to the restaurant a short while past 7, to find Karaoke night (Usually on Saturdays)! My bad voice and I don’t easily pass up a chance to Karaoke and so the crew took the stage and sang our hearts out. Boy, did we sing! That was definitely the best evening I had had in a long time. You should definitely head to Moorings  if you like Karaoke and you’re near Mtwapa on a Saturday evening. 

The Restaurant 

Moorings floating restaurant is located along Mombasa Malindi road; take the first left turn after Mtwapa Bridge. There’s a sign post, and the restaurant is about 800 metres from the main road.

The restaurant has been floating over the Ocean on Mtwapa Creek since 1994 and the location comes with stunning views and unmatched tranquility. 

Moorings is famed as a seafood restaurant but the menu is diverse and includes a range of salads and desserts and the usual meats main course meats . The restaurant can sit 100 people and ordering A la Carte could cost about Ksh 1500 depending on courses ordered. Moorings hosts Karaoke on Saturday evenings from 7pm, so you have an excuse to take your friends and sing your hearts out. 

The restaurant doesn’t float away but there is a Dhow docked right next to it, for those guests who would like go on a cruise adventure. The Dhow takes a maximum of 20 passengers and you can take the daytime cruise (Kshs. 1000 per person,  for an hour)  or wait for 5pm and go on the famed Moorings Sundowner cruise as above (Kshs 2000 per person for 2 hours). The Sundowner cruise cost is inclusive includes snacks/ bitings (chicken wings, fish fingers, grilled coconut etc). On both cruises, children between 6-12 years pay half price, and those under 6 years cruise for free) A minimum of 4 adults is required for the cruise (so please take your friends/family )  but you can top up the difference if you’re fewer. Check for group discounts if you’re over 10 people . 

Website: The Moorings Restaurant ( ). You can call the numbers on the website for more enquiries (or call 0733810516)

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” ― Jo Walton.

If you’re staying at the Voyager Beach Resort in Nyali, Mombasa, ask about Moorings; a trip can be organized if you cover your costs. Check out this other post for the Best of Voyager and excursions around Mombasa 

Photos by  Brian Gatimu (IG @bwathanga, Twitter @TheFlyingKenyan)  and myself

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