Moca Loca Cafe, Restaurant and Lounge at Garden City Mall, Nairobi

My first visit to Moca Loca Cafe was mid last year. We were celebrating a friend’s birthday by (over) indulging in the delectable Sweet and Spicy Chicken😋 at Koreana Chicken on the ground floor food court at Garden City Mall. There was a band playing such beautiful music throughout the afternoon and  I remember they sang Ed Sheeran’s hits so well, we followed the music as soon as we were done eating. It was The Weaver’s Band, entertaining guests at Moca Loca’s sitting area on the first floor food court, like they do every weekend.

We settled in to catch the rest of the show, and since we’d already eaten, we ordered cake to crown the celebration. It was early evening and so a bit chilly, but the band made every minute worth it! The cakes we ordered, however,  were so underwhelming that we’ve never gone back to Moca Loca, even just for the band. We asked the waitron, but they gave us the impression that that was how their cakes were made, so we just waited till the end of the show and left. I got to talk to Moca Loca via Social media much later and aired my concerns about those particular cakes, so if they improved them then there’s no need to worry.

I frequent Garden City more than I do any other Mall, and so I was generally pained that I couldn’t go and watch the band since I wasn’t sure about what to order from the Moca Loca menu that wouldn’t be underwhelming. 

I decided to give Moca Loca another try during this year’s Nairobi Restaurant week, since the menu looked interesting and because of convenience. I’d studied the menu and had decided what I’d order if I went, so when Eatout coincidentally asked about Moca Loca’s dessert options on Twitter, I answered correctly and won a dinner voucher for 2. 😃 Thankfully, this visit was much better than the first, and my friend and I found favourites that will take us back to Moca Loca, and not just for the weekend band. We were served by Rachael who helped explain the courses and ensured there was no delay in between. She was a great host.

#NRW2017 Dinner at Moca Loca Cafe at City Mall.
Starters: We sampled the Beef mini samosa medley and the  Potato and Tomato wedges in Garlic Sauce. I really liked the beef samosas; they were spicy but not too hot, though my friend thought they were just okay. I am a potato lover (#TeamWaru) so you can bet I loved the Potato wedges with garlic sauce. The wedges and samosa together made such a tasty combo!

The other starter options were Chicken Soup and Garden Pea soup.

Main course: 
1. Chargrilled lamb chops with Mint Yoghurt sauce served with chips and salad. 

The spicy lamb chops were so tender and juicy and so full of flavour! The seasoning was just right, and it felt like really good nyama choma; the kind that you eat off the bone and savour every bite! There was only 2 chunks which was such a pity because they were so good we’d have wanted more.

The lamb chops were definitely our favorite of the courses and we’d go back just for them!

2. Milanese Fillet Beef Schnitzel with spinach and chips 

If you’re after portions, then this is a good choice you could go for. This meal was tasty and filling. The beef was well seasoned and coated in a thin layer of bread crumbs. It was a bit dry and tasted better with lemon dripped on it, but had nothing on the lamb chops. Good all the same.

The other mains options were Chicken Kiev on bed of mashed potatoes and vegetables of the day, Creamy mushroom pasta, and Penne with Broccoli,  Raisins and Pine Nuts.


1. Trip Gelato – this was 3 Ice cream flavours in shot glasses – Vanilla, Chocolate and Mint chocolate chip. 

I really loved the mint chocolate chip ice cream and it reminded me of the Mintchoc chocolate back in the day, which was one of my favorites.
2. Paradise Pineapple: Pineapple wheel, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle, mint leaves and a dash of chocolate sauce.

My friend loves pineapples to a fault and is a serious advocate for pineapples on pizza😆. If you like pineapples half as much, then you’ll probably love the paradise pineapple. 

The third dessert option was Tiramisu but we didn’t get to sample that.
The Absolut Mule Cocktail was just okay. I had a mix of Ginger beer and lime juice since I was avoiding alcohol, but it was generally not outstanding. It would’ve been nice if they had a Mocktail option for Nairobi Restaurant Week. 

Overall, would recommend for Nairobi Restaurant week dinner – and for the lamb chops, ice cream and amazing band for the rest of the year.
Check my Instagram (@smartyannette_) for more pics and reviews, and the previous post for the list of participating restaurants by location and cost and linked menus. 

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