Nairobi IG Tour and Pub Crawl Experience by TurnUp Travel

The Nairobi IG Tour and Pub Crawl Experience (dubbed #NairobaeIGTour) was held on Saturday, 1st July 2017. It was a 24 hour tour of Nairobi City that started at dawn till dusk and a subsequent pub crawl that ended at dawn on Sunday. The Nairobi IG Tour was organized by the cool team at Turn Up Travel, who I first met during the Voyager Beach Resort experience.  (Building on the success of Nairobi IG Tour, Turn Up Travel organized an even bigger Mombasa IG Tour on September 1st -3rd 2017.)

Catching Sunrise at UAP Towers
The Nairobi IG Tour started just before daybreak, atop the 32 floor UAP Towers in Upper Hill. This building is one of Nairobi’s tallest and provides some of best 360 degrees views of the city. It was freezing cold and I couldn’t feel my fingers and my face for a while, but the sunrise did make our stay worthwhile.

This was the first time I was capturing the sunrise in the city! Looks like Nairobi is a morning person, because she’s so damn beautiful when she wakes up!

Breakfast at Nyama Mama Delta in Westlands

After sunrise, we we gathered in groups of 4 and took Ubers to Nyama Mama Delta in Westlands. (Uber had partnered with Turn Up Travel to provide free rides during the Nairobi IG tour 🙂 ).

Nyama Mama Delta is a dainty little African themed restaurant whose menu includes traditional African foods made for the contemporary foodie. The space is warm and cozy and the decor tastefully. There was plenty of food and fun conversation as photographers clicked away.

It may have looked like I was playing with my food, but I was mostly watching which tray brought out the Waffles! 😆 Wings and Waffles are top on my list of favourite foods!

Nairobi National Museum, Snake Park and City Tour

The Nairobi IG Tour squad headed to the Nairobi National Museum for a bit of history and culture, and then to the Snake Park to view the reptiles. There were plenty of school kids and adults going on a guided tour.  We paid 300 Kenya shillings as resident adults for both the Museum and Snake Park tour.  It was refreshing to  walk around without the pressure of having to remember everything I saw or read for a school report 😄 .

Part of the group went to see some of Nairobi’s oldest buildings and learn about the history of the city,  a bit that was curated by Owaah. It included going through Kirinyaga road, Jeevanjee gardens and Kenyatta Avenue. A couple of us chilled at the Museum taking goofy pics and stocking up on charge since we”d be outdoors for most of the day.

Lunch at Central Park

We walked through the City to Central Park, found a place with decent shade and sat for picnic lunch provided by Ki.Chen (wraps and fresh juice).

Next, we crossed over to Uhuru Park, made a stop at the Freedom corner then proceeded to the activities area.

Boat rides at Uhuru Park 

Uhuru Park is popular for the boat rides, but there are plenty of activities for kids especially during weekends and holidays. There was face painting, horse riding, different types of swings and merry-go-rounds, kiddie train rides, water games and so much more for the little ones (at heart). So much happy screams and shouts and all round happiness in one place!

For those who didn’t fancy any of those activities, there was the option of going to the Nairobi Railways Museum and the Memorial Park.

Sundowner at Four Points Sheraton

The Nairobi IG Tour Pub Crawl Experience started at Sundown, at the rooftop of Four Points Sheraton (formerly Best Western) in Hurlingham, Nairobi.

We had cocktails and bitings on arrival, then had a short intro about their craft beer,  followed by a bottomless flow of beer and conversation. The Four Point Sheraton pool is on the rooftop, so some took a dip to get ready for the nightlife experience.

I took a detour to the tastefully furnished Level Eight club just before we left for Brew Bistro.

Brewery Tour and Happy Hour at Brew Bistro Ngong Road 

We got to Brew just as the party mood was setting in. A couple of guys did the brewery tour and were done in time for Happy Hour. Brew was such a great start to Pub Crawl experience!

The music selection was amazing and there was so much happy hour beer in jugs and mugs going round! There were dares to gulp down full jugs at once and it looked like people were in the mood to take up the challenge! I cannot stand the taste of beer but the party scene at Brew was amazing!! Brew also caters for private functions at the lounge on one side so don’t hesitate to give them a shout.

Wine Tasting at The Wine Shop

The Wine shop is  at Piedmont Plaza on Ngong Road, the same building as Brew Bistro, so a group of us went Wine Tasting instead of the Brewery Tour.

If you love wine and have not been to the Wine shop, please make your way there at your next convenience, or check out their website. There were so many different wines from so many different parts of the world.

The best part about wine shop for me, besides the cool photos, was that I found a wine that I loved. It was nothing fancy and probably too sweet for other people, but I could totally see myself buying a bottle for a Friday night in, like in the movies. 😄

If you know a type of wine that’s as sweet as this one (or more), please let me know.

Brew Bistro Rooftop at Westlands

It took a while before guys could finish all the beer on our tables at Brew Bistro Ngong Road. We wanted to stay longer but Brew Bistro Rooftop  was calling so we hailed Ubers and went to Westlands.

Brew Rooftop took the Pub crawl experience a notch higher!! We had welcome cocktails on arrival as guys prepared for the Brew Rooftop Pub crawl challenges. The cocktails challenge  was first, and all participants competed to make the best cocktail as we cheered them on. Next, was the hot wings challenge. With my love for wings, you’d think that I was the first to sign up for the hot wings challenge. I really do love sweet/ barbecue wings, but the wings for the challenge were apparently made from the hottest peppers on EARTH and I wasn’t ready! 😂 The four people who  took the challenge are such Champs! Each got a small bucket full of wings, which had to be eaten in 13 minutes, and have a 5 minute after burn, with no drinks and NO crying! They did well and finished the wings in under 10 minutes, but the after burn looked like something you don’t wish on your worst enemy.  And, in retrospect, neither were the toilet visits the morning after.  Such Champs, those! All I can say is Pilipili so supu 😂

The Tav Irish Pub and Eatery at The Mirage, Westlands

The Tav rish Pub is found at The Mirage on Waiyaki Way, on the left if you’re heading to town from Westlands.

The drinking games started at the Tav, but I was too beat so I chilled a bit and went home at about midnight. The party went on for a while at the Tav, as there only a few other people besides our group.

The last people standing went for shots at Mwenda’s in the CBD then ended the tour at Sonford Fish and Chips, like all raves should end. However, there’s very scanty detail of what happened after Tav and until Sonford, which probably shows how turn’t up the night was! 😂😂


Thank you Turn Up travel for organizing #NairobaeIG Tour and Bars Kenya for curating the Pub Crawl Experience. The Nairobi IG Tour cost sh. 3000 per person, and part of the proceeds went to support Homeless of Nairobi

Turnup.Travel relies on partners and corporate sponsors to ensure their popular Instagram tours deliver a triple bottom line – loads of fun for participants, great value to sponsors and impact in the community and environment for sustainable tourism. All for a great cause!

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