Mombasa IG Tour and Pub Crawl Experience by TurnUp Travel

The Nairobi IG Tour and Pub Crawl Experience was so good, we wanted to do it all over again in a different city. So the good guys at Turn Up Travel organized a 48 hour Mombasa IG Tour and Pub Crawl Experience from Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd September 2017.
The team from Nairobi took the SGR Train ride on Friday, while the Mombasa squad joined us for 24 hours tour on Saturday.  As in the Nairobi IG Tour, Uber partnered with Turnup Travel to provide free transport throughout the 48 hours.
Here’s how the Mombasa IG Tour and Pub Crawl Experience went down on Saturday.
Sunrise at Nyali Beach 
It was a cloudy morning but I managed to get some of my favorite shots!
Breakfast at Jahazi Coffee House in Old Town, Mombasa 
I’ve written about Jahazi Coffee House here. It’s a cosy and chill swahili restaurant in Old Town.
Fort Jesus Tour, Mombasa
I’ve been to Fort Jesus so many times, so my recent visits are more about the photography than the history. This time I discovered the Oman House at the far end that I didn’t get to photograph last time.
Old Town tour, Mombasa 
We walked through Old Town, learning a bit more about Mombasa’s history. On this tour, we passed by the Fish market and had views of the action at the Old Mombasa Port. (See more about my last Old Town tour here).
At the Old Port, goods are carried by porters on their backs as you can see below.
Lunch at Forodhani restaurant, Old Town Mombasa 
If you’re ever in Old Town Mombasa at meal times, go to Forodhani and have Biryani! I’d also recommend their Maru Bhajias as a snack – so so good! The restaurant is by the ocean so you get scenic views and a refreshing breeze.
Water slides at Wild Waters, Mombasa
If you read my last experience at Wild waters, you’d be happy to learn that I was such a good sport this time. 😂 I went on the black hole twice, with less screaming and a little more confidence. The scary bit this time was the small tunnel that you slid on without floaters.
Photo credit: Life in Mombasa
A group of mischievous guys ahead of us stopped in the middle of the tunnel (to laugh 😁 and wash their face)  so we couldn’t move for a bit. It was too far to go back up and more people would come and join the jam, and the crazy guys weren’t moving forward and I (we) panicked. 😂 I thought about suffocation for longer than was healthy and started feeling like there wasn’t enough air. At that point, I wondered why I do these things to myself so many times! Then the guys at the front ended the mess and we got poured out into the pool like a pile of potatoes from a sack. And the fun continued and we sort of forgot about how scared we were.😁
Sundowner Dhow Cruise at LA Marina
This Sundowner Dhow Cruise was slightly different from the one at Moorings Floating Restaurant, but still as exciting.
On this LA Marina cruise, there was entertainment by a group of acrobats on the boat just after sundown! So so extra!! T😃 Then after the show we danced till we got back to LA Marina.

Dinner at LA Marina, Mtwapa 
Dinner at La Marina was amazing!! Highly recommend.

Mombasa Pub Crawl 
The pub crawl started at Z Lounge in Nyali where we spent most of the night. We later moved to the Naivas Mall to check out the rest of the clubs but some were too full for a large group. So the group turned up at Bobs and Anuba Lounge till morning.
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My friends and I spent some time at Yul’s Aquadrom in Bamburi and Flames Deli and Grill in Nyali (Freakshakes!) . Yul’s has Amazing burgers , pizzas and snacks and you can swim at Bamburi Beach. Highly recommend!

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