YO! 😃

Welcome to Tafakari! 😄

I don’t have too many witty things to say – except that I may be a walking contradiction of Food and Travel writers. I’m nothing like them, I promise :-D😄

I’ve written about Food and Travel for over 3 years now, here
Hapakenya.com – http://www.hapakenya.com/author/mumbi/

And here
Travelstart.co.ke – http://www.travelstart.co.ke/blog/author/annette-mumbi/

And now most recently on this blog.

I intend to share thoughts and information about the places I visit, and to make recommendations about where you should go next!
Please share yours too, via the comments section after each post. Because Sharing is caring, yes?
Have fun!

Feel free to reach out for any questions or collaborations or general life things. 🙂

Twitter: @smartyannette

Instagram: @smartyannette_

Copyright @smartyannette. 2016.

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