“Just like the sun”

  I love the beauty of sunrise. I love how the different shades of orange and yellow look in the horizon as the sun sets or rises. I love the fulfillment that basking in the midday sun brings me. I know the heat will drain me but I still linger on. I very well know that it’s not the vitamin D that I’m after; if it was, I’d have sat in the sun a little earlier. I know it will affect my skin and my eyesight for a while but the feeling of the sun’s rays on my skin is … Continue reading “Just like the sun”

“The package”

(This piece was written months ago and the idea was to be an epilogue of On The Run or The Beauty of That Moment.) Cassie’s everyday routine of locking up every morning was distracted by the beautifully wrapped package that was in a basket on her doorstep. It was a small package about the size of an A4 book that was wrapped in her favourite brand of wrapping paper. Picking it up, she grinned as she racked her brains in an attempt to guess who had been so thoughtful. She rarely received parcels at home since very few people knew … Continue reading “The package”

“…That I may grow old by your side”

Pete was a chain-smoker. It was not something he was proud of and he had tried to quit the undesirable habit for years on end without success. Pete started smoking as a teenager, way before he met his wife, Marie. His father smoked and though he was well aware of the negative effects of tobacco, he still bowed in to pressure from his peers to take his first puff. His friends knew that his father was a smoker so they urged him on… giving him the ‘like father like son’ idea and making him believe it wouldn’t harm much if … Continue reading “…That I may grow old by your side”


He was a nice guy; kindhearted and very friendly. He was always smiling and for a guy his laugh was adorable. He had a likeable personality and though his neighbours didn’t know much about him, they considered him a good man. Everyone called him Ben, at least that’s what he told them. It wasn’t really a lie, he just felt that the Benedetto name on his ID was a bit too long for acquaintances. Ben was also easier on the tongue for his friends from work so it stuck. Though he didn’t have too many friends, he was very loyal … Continue reading Benedetto.

“The Beauty of that moment”

Cassie gently bent her head backwards. It was as if her head was in the way of the wind and it was determined to blow away the obstruction. For a moment it felt like she had let go to the wind and it was carrying her away. The wind was gentle and it was right to call it a breeze by virtue of the fact that it was refreshing. Though it wasn’t the kind of wind that drew attention, it was strong enough to make its presence felt by anyone in its way. Besides, it brought with it an aura … Continue reading “The Beauty of that moment”

“On the run (3)”

Continued from “On the run (2)” Had Turi died that night, I would’ve blamed it on her thoughts. Even she had thought enough times that the constant thinking would be the end of her. Her brain was always at work. She was always thinking about her life, the people around her and as part of her job description, she had to constantly come up with solutions for the smooth running of her organization. It was not different that night, and one would not need to be told what was on her mind as she stood outside Lowry’s hospital ward. Though … Continue reading “On the run (3)”

“On the run (2)”

Continued from “On the run” The waiter served Lowry’s coffee even before he got to the table. He’d worked there long enough to guess who Turi had been waiting for and had brought coffee as soon as he saw Lowry at the door. Though he had dreams beyond this Coffee Palace, he really enjoyed serving these two. He knew their story and he had the fairy tale idea of being that faithful servant that inherited the kingdom when there wasn’t an eligible heir to the throne on the king and queen’s death. He’d once mentioned that dream to Turi and … Continue reading “On the run (2)”

“On the run”

Turi took a sip from the cup of coffee on the table in front of her. It must have been the fourth or fifth cup, or who knows, maybe even seventh. She couldn’t quite tell. She had stopped counting when it was clear that she would be at the Palace for a lot longer than she expected. Yes, the Palace; Coffee Palace to be precise. The café looked nothing like the palace she had thought it to be when she first went in but it was a great place all the same. Its tables weren’t made out of marble or … Continue reading “On the run”