How to use Hula-hoops to conquer the world

  Sometimes I sing. Sometimes I dance. Sometimes I intentionally watch GBS TV advertise nail polish or electronics or shopping websites. Yes, sit down! 😀 I’m I proud of it? I don’t know, but admitting it counts for something, right? Judge me not, you trendsetter!!! Sometimes I like to keep away from cliché. I’ll probably watch some unpopular channel for a while because I can’t reach the remote but other times I’ll watch it even when I have better choices. I believe in giving people (and things) chances, even when no one else thinks them deserving. I like to go … Continue reading How to use Hula-hoops to conquer the world

Nowadays I see no exit door

“I miss the nightmares from which I could wake up and intrude on reality—pay it back. These new ones with their seductive complicatedness— I do not know how to navigate them.” – Okasungora Her voice; It’s one of those that startle you from a slumber you tried so hard to escape into. It’s sharp, shrieking, and almost intolerable. You feel like it speaks to you, that voice. You feel like the sound of fate when it tells you ‘I told you so’. Or ‘what goes around…’. Or just something that would make you want to stick your little finger in … Continue reading Nowadays I see no exit door

Get OFF that comfort zone!

I have a confession to make, Tafakari. I know some of you probably know or suspect what’s been happening but here’s to admitting to our faults and rising beyond them. 🙂 . We call it ‘Maning up’  B-) I strayed. I found new paths and a part of me shifted my allegiance from this blog. You know all those months when you came checking and there was no new post? And those times I kept saying how I miss blogging here yet I couldn’t finish my drafts? Well, I kept writing, but elsewhere (Creative here and lifestyle here). I needed … Continue reading Get OFF that comfort zone!

Well, Maybe Thinking is the enemy of creativity

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali  I have never been much of a quotes person- but this one bugs me often- at least enough for me to write about it. Why? Because it bursts my bubble and I want to correct it- change it to “Have no fear of perfection, you may never reach it”– because a part of me believes in perfection and that it can be reached. That’s the part that always wants to improve things and keep things in order.  You look at the photo or painting and think that everything’s … Continue reading Well, Maybe Thinking is the enemy of creativity

“Sleep? Not tonight ducky.”

Mandy shrieked her lungs out when she heard the incessant noises of her tormentors in her head. Her screams got louder each time and though she couldn’t even stand them herself, she knew they were better than those of her torturers. So she saved her eardrums the agony of the deafening noises with her forefingers and shrieked some more. The shrieks were earsplitting and her sore throat only made them hoarse and annoying but they felt like her only path to redemption so she persisted. Her slumber had only lasted an hour, according to her bedside clock and she feared … Continue reading “Sleep? Not tonight ducky.”

“Thank you!”

I am growing old.*Cough* Well, I know we all are but I mean in the sense that old age is catching up with me really fast; something like that. Let’s just say I’m having situations or issues associated with older people. Like having a mouth full of wisdom teeth and keeping away from matatus that have loud music. Recently I attended a family wedding where I was the eldest… well, eldest cousin, but that still counts, right? Yeah , I thought so too 😛 So let’s all agree with me so that I stop defending myself. Besides, being a lot … Continue reading “Thank you!”

“Just the chick in the pink”

  If you’ve never had to struggle with a raging bull furiously charging at you and you only have so much ground to run away from it then you should know someone who has. Or at least you have watched a movie where it has happened or you have dreamt about it happening to you. If none of the above has happened to you then I’m not sure you have identified with your roots long enough. By roots, I mean the countryside and I’m hoping we all have a place in the countryside that we get to visit every so … Continue reading “Just the chick in the pink”

“The package”

(This piece was written months ago and the idea was to be an epilogue of On The Run or The Beauty of That Moment.) Cassie’s everyday routine of locking up every morning was distracted by the beautifully wrapped package that was in a basket on her doorstep. It was a small package about the size of an A4 book that was wrapped in her favourite brand of wrapping paper. Picking it up, she grinned as she racked her brains in an attempt to guess who had been so thoughtful. She rarely received parcels at home since very few people knew … Continue reading “The package”

” Story of hope and recovered phones”

Slightly over a week ago I lost my phone in a public service vehicle. Now, losing phones in the city is not worth a story but being able to recover the phone over a week later is. I’m still in my celebration and appreciation phase and a few times I have to convince myself to believe it actually happened because every time I tell the story it feels unreal. And to save myself from having to retell the story and occasionally questioning my sanity, I have decided to tell it here, so that I’ll just give a link to those … Continue reading ” Story of hope and recovered phones”