​Wild Waters, Mombasa, Kenya

Wild Waters is the place you go when you need to man up :-D. Even better if you take that control freak friend of yours who just needs to take a chill pill, or that other one who’s too stiff. If you have letting go issues, hop on to that train as well and start with the tunnel in your favourite colour. Continue reading ​Wild Waters, Mombasa, Kenya

“…Of birthdays and uniqueness.”

You must have heard people say that age is just but a number. Well then, if age is just number then a birthday is just a day, right? So what’s all the fuss about birthdays anyway? *shrugs shoulders*. I don’t know_ that’s why I still fuss about mine I guess.:-) Many people believe that birthdays are overrated and though I don’t totally agree with them, I think I understand their point of view. After all, it’s a day like any other. Other children get born and many others die, :-(. Many other people share a birthday with you so it’s … Continue reading “…Of birthdays and uniqueness.”